Wednesday, 9 January 2013

One Tough Lady!!!

This picture was taken on Dec. 28th, four days after my Mom was admitted to hospital. That morning the doctor told us she only had a few more days to live because of end stage renal failure. Well, he obviously doesn't know my we are 12 days later & she is still with us!  Must be the good Irish blood! She is slowly slipping away...sleeping most of the time now but she is not suffering at all. The nursing staff has been amazing with her & all of our family. Hug a nurse today! Thanks to those of you who have left lovely comments....they really mean alot to me!


  1. Hi Renee~
    What a precious picture with you and your mom.
    Hoping for your mom's speedy recovery....

  2. Such a lovely picture, I am glad you have had some more time with mum and that she is still holding on and not suffering, thinking of you and your family
    Lindsay xx

  3. Awww just read this and sending my hugs to you and your mom/family...My Dad is in the hospital and we are praying he gets better soon, has that darn flu/cold that seems to going by...I will be sending good thoughts your way!
    Love your picture!

  4. Great photo. So glad you have more time with her. Sending good wishes your way.

  5. God thought you needed a bit more time together. :-) So glad she's not hurting. I'll keep you both on my prayer list. Big hugs!

  6. Just checking in on your Mom. You are in my thoughts and prayers Renee. Hugs Linda

  7. Such a wonderful picture to cherish!

  8. Oh Renee, I am so sorry for your loss, what a wonderful photo of you both and one to cherish.
    How sad it is when our loved ones get old or poorly and we feel so helpless to help but just do all that we can.
    But how wonderful that your Mum had you to love and care for her until the end ,you were such a good daughter.
    Your Mum certainly was made of strong stuff to have hung on so long , good Irish stock !!.
    My Mum is hanging on to life as I write.
    Biggest hugs to you and your family , I am sorry I was not around to write to you earlier. Biggest hugs Elaine


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